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VOOPOO DRAG 157w experience

dodano: 28 września 2017 przez vapeshare

 After WOODY VAPES buyout by VOOPOO it unveiled its first double electric box mod. The DRAG has high attention, of which there are a few points is everybody’s focus: 25 ms ignition speed, SUPER mode, GENE FAN chips and the client computer. The following will bring you actual experience.

Voopoo DRAG 157w operation is not complicated. GENE chip can make you feel the experience of “good”.
1, power control and temperature control double mode, independently adjust the output curve, adjust the temperature coefficient of resistance, it has present basic electronic smoke function;
2, when the output power reach 130 w the box mod automatically open SUPER model, the box mod can bring you the speed of ignition experience;
3, after recognize atomizer resistance (more than 0.1 euro) it automatic matching output benchmark values, which feature unusually close to the novice!
Such as in the power mode it recognize about a 0.23 atomizer, the box mod automatically jump to 45 w for you;
4, the connection of computer software set five group of memory function in power and temperature control mode, and can custom function menu screen;
Voopoo DRAG 157w PC software can be downloaded in VOOPOO website. The PC software client centered on four major parts: display, parameter, temperature curve, power curve:
1, full Chinese operation interface for the domestic users is very friendly, and the layout and function of the interface is clear and easy to understand;
2, display plate is same to DNA client, the user can according to their own habits to custom each menu screen.
3, “parameters” plate can open and close the temperature control options, a total of five to choose from. In which you can also set a smoking protect time, etc.;
4, “temperature, power curve” plate is straightforward, a total of 5 groups of memory patterns for the custom to choose from. You can adjust freely according to your prefer, which can realize power, temperature control mode curve’s custom.
The DRAG’s high light is in the practical experience, it really let a person very pleased with the performance.

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